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Wooden Floor Or Ceramic Floor, Which Is Best?

Wooden Floor Or Ceramic Floor, Which Is Best?

Floor covering is a material that plays an important role because the type of floor we choose will determine whether a room is more beautiful or mediocre.

There are at least two types of floors whose usage is increasing from year to year, these flooring products include ceramic floors and wooden floors.

While these two floors have their advantages and disadvantages, to choose which is better, tiled floors or hardwood floors? see the review below:

Comparison Of Wood Flooring & Ceramic Flooring

Looking at the comparison between ceramic floors and parquet wood floors, the two are distinguished based on the material of manufacture, quality, appearance and comfort. Which is where the ceramic floor is made of clay and glazing while the wooden floor is made of the best choice solid wood such as teak, merbau and so on. Read more below:

Wooden Floor

Wood flooring or better known as parquet flooring is a floor covering product that is dominantly applied to closed rooms (indoor). mahogany and other solid woods.

Then, what are the advantages of wooden floors that ceramic floors don’t have?

The Advantages Of Wooden Floors That Ceramic Floors Do Not Have

– Has A Soft Nature

Even though it is made of hard wood, the wooden floor that has been installed will be soft when we step on it. This soft nature can also minimize serious injury if it falls to the floor.

– Has A Warm Feel

Wooden floors can absorb and store heat during the day which is then released at night by the wood floors, so the room will feel warm.

– Good For Health

The use of wood elements in a house can have a positive effect, especially on the health of you and your family, as researchers recently said that using wood materials at home can reduce stress levels and increase productivity.

the advantages of wooden floors that ceramic floors do not have

– Has A Distinctive Color

The distinctive color of the wooden floor can make the room more comfortable and look elegant, because the wooden floor can adapt to the room.

– Can Increase The Selling Value Of The Property/House

This advantage is a bonus in using a wood flooring product in the house. the reason is, wooden floors can increase the selling price of a house to be more expensive so it is very suitable to be used as an investment.


It should be noted, that wooden floors require intensive maintenance. You can take care of wooden floors on a daily, weekly and annual basis. Small steps that you can take to prevent weathering of the surface of a wooden floor are by cleaning it from all kinds of dust and dirt that sticks to it.

Ceramic Floor

Tile floors or ceramic floors are a type of floor that is quite popular, almost every house we meet uses ceramic floors as a floor covering material.

The Advantages Of Ceramic Floors That Are Not Owned By Wooden Floors

– Has A Flexible Nature

One of the advantages that is the main attraction of ceramic floors is that they are flexible, ceramic floors can be applied to rooms that are quite difficult to apply to wooden floors. For example, on the tiled bathroom floor.

– Has A Variety Of Shapes

Ideally, tiled floors are square in shape, but over time, manufacturers have found new innovations to make tiled floors according to varying needs and styles.

the advantages of ceramic floors that parquet wood floors do not have

– Non-Flammable

Ceramic floors are difficult to burn because they are made of clay, so it’s no wonder that ceramic floors are often applied to environmental activities close to fire, such as kitchens.

– Easy To Find

Almost every shop that provides building materials provides tile floors, unlike the case with wooden floors which are only sold by certain shops.

– It’s Easy To Care For

Caring for a tiled floor is not too difficult, you can do it by sweeping it to clean the dust, while for stubborn stains you can take action by mopping the tiled floor.

– Cheap Ceramic Floor Prices

Besides being easy to find in various hardware stores, ceramic floors also have a selling price that is quite affordable for all groups


If you are confused about choosing between wood floors and tile floors for your home, why not combine the two? For example, tile floors for kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms. Then wood floors for the bedrooms and living rooms, where you want warmth under your feet.

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