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Land Measurement Letter: Definition, Function And Legal Basis

Land Measurement Letter: Definition, Function And Legal Basis

When you buy property or land, there are several documents that must be taken care of, including AJB (Deed of Sale and Purchase) and land certificates. These files are important in the buying and selling process, so that the law views the transaction as valid. A land measurement certificate is required for land-based properties.

Concerning Land Measurement Letters

A land measurement certificate is a document in which there is physical data related to land parcels in the form of descriptions and maps. In addition, another definition of a letter of measurement is the activity of mapping and measuring land. So, for each particular land parcel that had previously been mapped on the registration map, a letter was then issued to register its rights.

The Indonesian government has regulated the matter of this measurement letter through Law No. 24 of 1997 concerning Land Registration.

It does not only contain a description of the land, but the measuring letter also contains various other types of information in the form of the type of right, number, type of land use, land area, field identification number and the measurement certificate number itself.

Therefore, the role of this measurement certificate is very important for buying and selling transactions, especially for fractional land contained in a plot of land. Therefore, it is important to re-measure again so that there are clear land boundaries, without causing disputes that could occur in the future.

1. Legal Basis For Land Measurement Letters

What you need to know is that a measurement letter is different from a land certificate, and you cannot use it as proof of legal land ownership.

This is as stated in Article 32 paragraph 1 of Government Regulation 24/1997, which has stated that a certificate is a document proving valid ownership rights as a strong means of proof regarding the juridical data and physical data contained therein. With records as long as the juridical data and physical data match the data contained in the measurement certificate along with the land book.

2. Manufacturing Time

Based on information from the ATR BPN website (Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning of the National Land Agency), it takes approximately 12 working days to complete the survey. However, this time may be longer if there are several requests at one time.

3. Cost Of Mapping And Measuring Land Boundaries

The cost of measuring a plot of land to check its area usually depends on the area of ​​the plot, the location and the intended use of the land. For example, on a piece of land measuring about 100 square meters in West Java province for non-agriculture purposes, a measurement fee of IDR 110,000 is required.

4. Storage Of Measurement Letters

According to the origin of 161, BPN keeps the measurement letters for each kelurahan or village through the collection per year sequentially based on the order of the letter numbers.

So, What Is The Function Of A Land Measurement Letter?

After understanding the difference between a land certificate and a land survey, you should know that there are several functions for a land survey, as follows:

  • Identify related to land identity in the form of owner, area, location, type of use and others.
  • Provide clear information about the physical description of a piece of land and its boundaries, to prevent unilateral claims.
  • Register land parcels and boundaries, as well as legal land ownership rights.

Requirements And How To Make A Land Measurement Letter

When you want to measure land or land to find out its area, it is very important to prepare the following requirements:

  • A copy of the applicant’s identity, both KK and KTP, as well as the identity of the proxy if authorized, and the data has been matched with the original by the counter staff.
  • Fill out the application form that has been signed by the attorney or the applicant on a stamp duty.
  • Power of attorney if authorized.
  • A copy of the deed of establishment as well as validation that has previously been validated with the original data by the counter staff, for legal entities.

If all the requirements and documents needed have been completed, come to the nearest land office.

From there the officer will validate the documents that you bring, after that you only need to pay a fee for the land measurement process.

If so, wait for the officer to come and take measurements. Apart from taking care of it directly, here you can also download an application called Touch My Land, check the conditions and any instructions for making a land survey document.

How Many Land Measurement Certificates Are Kept In The Set Per Year?

Measurement letters are usually stored in an annual collection for each sub-district or village in sequential order according to the serial number of the measurement letter. In addition, this collection per year can be carried out in areas where activity is dense, but preferably in one set there are 50 land survey documents without having to limit the year when the letters were made.

That’s a discussion about land survey documents, their functions and how to make them. Even though it cannot be used as proof of legal land ownership, a survey document is important to know the boundaries of the land you own from a plot of land/available land to avoid problems in the future.

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