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5 Tips For Painting Exterior Walls Of A House, Guaranteed To Last Long

5 Tips For Painting Exterior Walls Of A House, Guaranteed To Last Long

Applying exterior wall paint is an important thing to do to give the aesthetics and feel of a more attractive home. However, there are many things that need to be considered in the process of painting the outer walls of a house, considering that paint easily peels off when exposed to sunlight and rain.

Not only that, the paint on the outside is also easily moldy due to humid temperatures. This certainly makes the appearance of the house look unsightly.

Therefore, you have to keep the paint color beautiful to look at. You do this by considering the quality of the paint purchased.

In addition, there are several ways that can be used to make house paint on the outside last longer and enhance the appearance of the house.
Here are some tips on keeping the paint color on the outside of the house long lasting.

1. Check For Cracks

Before planning to paint the house, check for damage, such as cracks in the walls or exterior walls of the house.

Even small cracks can allow water to enter the building structure and cause patches of blackish damp.

You can use white cement and fine sand to fill in gaps or cracks in the wall. One of the things that damages house paint when it rains is because the walls are damp, because of water seepage.

For this reason, check carefully where the source of the water seepage is coming from. Usually water seepage can appear from gutters that are not well constructed.

Don’t let your walls be exposed to water seepage for too long because it will make spots like wetting on house paint, and will even make the paint peel off.

2. Clean The Surface

To ensure that the painting is done properly, you need to clean the wall surface from moss, mold and dust. Clean using a wire brush and bleach solution.

If the wall has previously been painted in oil, then you have to sand it first to clean off the loose particles so that the paint absorbs easily. If there are rough parts, they must be leveled first.

3. Choose A Special Paint

Basically there are two types of house paint, namely interior and exterior paint. For that, you should choose a paint that is specifically for the exterior of the house.

This type of paint has pretty good durability, and there are even some paint manufacturers that dare to guarantee that the paint won’t deteriorate within eight years.

4. Don’t Paint When It’s Cloudy

When painting, you should not do it when the weather is cloudy or it’s raining, so that no water gets trapped in the wall. In addition, before painting you have to clean all the dirt that sticks to the wall, the goal is that the paint can stick well.

If you are forced to paint when it rains, then you must first let the surface dry in the sun for at least two to three days so that the surface is completely dry.

5. Use Proper Technique

In order to get good results, you also have to pay attention to the painting technique. You do this by giving a thin layer on the wall as a base layer, then before it dries it is layered again so that the results are perfect. Or you can also follow carefully all the instructions listed on the paint packaging.

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