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5 Tips For Choosing Wall Paint Colors, For A Elegant Home Atmosphere

5 Tips For Choosing Wall Paint Colors, For A Elegant Home Atmosphere

Choosing paint colors for home decoration is not easy. Because the color of the wall paint itself can affect the atmosphere in the house.
For example, a child’s room might be more attractive with bright paint colors. Meanwhile, the workspace will be more comfortable if it is painted using neutral colors.

So that you don’t get confused, let’s look at tips on choosing wall paint colors for home decoration, which was reported from the pages of The Spruce and Hey There Home, Saturday (18/12/2021).

1. Study The Architectural Details Of The House

One of the tips for choosing the color of the house is to study every detail of the architectural elements in the house.

Some paint colors have an atmosphere that can bring warmth and coolness to a room, while other colors exude boldness.

Always pay attention to each color accent one element with another, so they have a matching color.

2. Choose The Right Color Finish

In addition to choosing the right paint color, choosing a paint layer is also important to note. The reason is, this finishing process will affect the appearance of the paint color that has been applied to the wall.

The finish of the paint coating is divided into five categories, namely matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss and high-gloss. You can determine the final appearance of the print according to your taste.

3. See The Color Of The Print In Various Conditions

Before applying color paint to all buildings in the house. First use a mini brick test wall of plywood facing the road, in the position the house was built in.

This is important to do because the color of the paint can change due to environmental influences, sun and weather.

4. Use Neutral Colors

If you don’t really like paint with too many different colors. So, you should use a neutral color paint option for all parts of the wall, so you don’t see a contrast between one another.

5. Adjust The Furniture

In addition to adjusting to the texture of the wall elements, paint selection must also be adjusted to the furniture in the house.

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